Bowflex PR3000 Vs. Bowflex Sport

Bowflex home gyms have been popular with consumers since the mid-1990s. Though no longer available directly from Bowflex, two mid-range models that still sold by third-party retailers are the Bowflex PR3000 and the Bowflex Sport. These models have fewer features than more expensive models, but still offer a complete body workout.


Both the PR3000 and the Sport utilize Bowflex’s patented power rod technology and offer 210 lbs. of resistance standard. Both machines come with arm bands, a lat tower and a leg extension attachment to do exercises on. The Bowflex Sport can be used to accomplish more than 70 exercises, while the PR3000 accommodates around 50 exercises. You can convert the bench of the Sport into a sliding seat for aerobic rowing.


As of September 2010, the Bowflex PR3000 is available for around $849 dollars through third-party retailers. The Bowflex Sport originally retailed for around $500. However, because production of the Sport has ceased it is less available from online retailers and may be hard to find, thus making price less predictable. The PR3000 can be upgraded to 310 lbs. of resistance with the purchase of additional power rods. The Sport can be upgraded to 310 or 410 lbs.


When deciding between the Bowflex PR3000 and Sport models it is important to consider your fitness goals and budget. The Sport does offer more exercises, but some of these are merely variations, such as two different kinds of standing hip extensions. Both machines can deliver a fully body workout, though neither is likely to be of use if serious bodybuilding is your main goal. Exercise Equipment Expert notes that even though the Bowflex Sport is a quality home gym, it is slightly less sturdy than other models.


The PR3000 is distinguishable from the Sport largely because of its red metallic frame, which is a departure from Bowflex’s traditional black and grey dominated color scheme. Additionally, the PR3000 has a bench seat that can only be placed in an incline position, whereas the Sport seat can be adjusted to a completely horizontal position.

The PR3000 is slightly larger than the Sport, measuring 96 inches long by 78 inches wide by 82 inches high when in use. The Sport measures 90 inches long by 38 inches wide by 83 inches high when in use.


Because the Sport is no longer produced by Bowflex, finding replacement parts may be more challenging than a model that is still readily available, such as the PR3000. A Sport model is also like to no longer have a valid warranty, whereas a PR3000 model has a one year warranty on the frame, seven years on the power rods and 60 days on all other parts.

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