How to Determine If a Treadmill Console Is Broken?

girl on a treadmill presses the button

Treadmill consoles are separate from the treadmill mechanisms, so just because a console is broken doesn't mean the entire treadmill is unusable. Once you're sure that just the console is broken, you can call your treadmill manufacturer for a new console replacement so you can still use your treadmill to stay fit. By checking the right areas of the console, you can quickly discern if it's a simple power problem or if the console is actually broken and unusable.

Unplug the treadmill and plug it back in to ensure that it's not a power problem, suggests Horizon Fitness. Try plugging an appliance that you know works well into the same electrical socket as the one you use for the treadmill. As long as the appliance works, it's a treadmill problem rather than a blown fuse or other home electrical problem.

Check the connections around your treadmill, especially if the console uses a small plug to connect the console to the treadmill machine. If this has come undone, it may be as simple as plugging it back in for the console to work again.

Remove the safety key from the console, suggests the user's manual for the Proform 400X treadmill. The console will not power up if the safety key is not inserted securely in the slot. Replace the key tightly and try powering up again to see if that was the problem.

Power the treadmill console up by pressing the "Start" button, if you can. If all of the connections are secure, your home electricity works and the treadmill console still won't power up, you likely have a broken console. If the console powers up, step onto the side rails of the treadmill and hang onto the handrails as you scroll through your options.

Test each of the treadmill keys to ensure that they are functioning with the treadmill. Depending on the model of treadmill you own, you may have speed keys, number keys, and up and down keys to set your preferences. Press each one in turn to make sure you can hear a "beep" or see a change on the console screen. If your buttons aren't working, your console may be broken and you need a replacement. Use the keys to set your preferences for a short test run.

Test the treadmill by stepping on the machine when it begins. Watch the console carefully as you walk or run. Your console may be broken if it reads an incorrect speed for the rate you're going or goes blank while the machine is still in motion. Take note of the wrong information, so when you contact your treadmill manufacturer, you have specific details about the problem so they can send you a new console or tell you how to reset your old console.