Elliptical Workouts During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy produces significant pressure on a woman’s body. Studies have shown that exercise during pregnancy has many advantages; elliptical workouts allow a low-impact option to burning calories and toning muscles. Complete these elliptical workouts three times per week with a rest day in between each workout. Perform the workout slowly until you raise your heart rate slightly, no more than 140 beats per minute.

Stretch Before Exercise

Perform a light hamstring stretch before the exercise. Sit on the floor with your extended legs in front of you. Slowly lean forward reaching for your feet. Hold for five sets of 20 seconds each. Remember to perform a light stretching following your workout.

High-Low Interval Workout

Warm up without resistance at a comfortable pace for five minutes. Determine your baseline by increasing resistance slightly higher than warm-up level for five minutes. Again, increase the resistance a bit higher than baseline; walk for three minutes. Next, decrease back to baseline for five minutes. Keep your stride smooth and comfortable. And then increase the resistance above baseline for two minutes. Finally, cool down at zero resistance for five minutes.

Go the Distance Workout

Warm up without resistance at a comfortable pace for five minutes. Next, determine a comfortable pace and resistance level that you can maintain for 20 minutes. Adjust intensity as needed throughout your workout. To cool down, decrease resistance to zero for five minutes.

Exercise Precautions

During exercise, consult your doctor if you experience bleeding, fatigue, any pain, contractions, dizziness, breathlessness or fluid leakage. Stay hydrated and do not overexert yourself -- listen to your body and baby during all elliptical workouts.