What Is a Good Shoe for Water Aerobics?

What Is a Good Shoe for Water Aerobics?

Water aerobics burns calories, strengthens and tones your muscles and enhances flexibility and range of motion. It's also the perfect exercise for people with joint issues, such as arthritis and osteoporosis. If you're into splashing in the pool to get fit, you want the right gear to support your feet.

Water shoes provide ankle support, keep you from slipping in the water and prevent cuts and scrapes caused by a pool's rough surfaces. Make sure you find water shoes that are specifically designed for water aerobics, and then make sure that they suit your specific needs.

There are many brands and styles of water shoes on the market, in sporting good stores, department stores and online. Like any other shoe, water shoes must fit your foot, feel comfortable and serve their intended purpose. Some water aerobic shoes are designed for high -impact water aerobic exercises; others are designed for low impact. Some provide more traction; others provide more buoyancy. Some look as good out of the pool as in the pool.

Womens Buoy Watershoe

The Womens Buoy Watershoe is lightweight and long-lasting and designed for water aerobics as well as beaching and boating. Made of floatable injected EVA foam, it has a side closure and hydro tread rubber soles for maximum traction.

Avia 606 Aqua Trainer

If you're looking for a water shoe that provides support to your foot and ankle, and also softens any impact of aquatic exercising, the Avia 606 Aqua Trainer is a good choice. It's designed with Velcro straps, so if you want a shoe that's easy to put on and take off, this is also worth considering. Its cantilevered heel that creates a trampoline effect provides comfort and its design of mesh, neoprene and synthetic leather upper makes a fashion statement in and out of the water.

Avia 669 Aqua Trainer

The Avia 669 Aqua Trainer is good for all levels of water aerobics and even popular with water aerobic teachers. It is also one of the most stylish water aerobic shoes; it looks more like a running shoe than a water shoe. Its midsole venting allows the water to flow out of the shoe which results in reduced drying time. Its solid rubber outsole provides increased traction in and out of the water.


If you do water aerobic exercises in a chlorinated pool, you can rid your water shoes of chlorine by soaking them overnight in Woolite for colored clothes. Dry them in your sink or shower. Do not dry them outside or in the sun.