ProForm 675 E Treadmill Problems

The ProForm 675 E treadmill was manufactured in 2008 and is still available online and in some retail stores. It is a foldable treadmill designed for residential use. Overall, the 675 E received positive reviews. However, some users have experienced problems involving the quality and reliability of the machine.


The ProForm 675 E has a 2.0 horsepower motor that supports a speed range from 0 to 10 mph. You can adjust the power incline between 0 and 10 percent. Pulse sensors are located on the handlebars so you can check your heart rate during your workout. There are 10 preset workouts to choose from and the console displays elapsed time, distance, speed and approximate calories burned.


The console and controls of the 675 E are considered basic and easy to use. However, the machine has to be assembled after purchase, and consumers complained that the set-up is difficult and time consuming. The ProForm 675 E manual notes that assembly requires two persons. Some users on product review site, Buzzillions.com, expressed frustration because the assembly process took over four hours. These users do not note whether they had assistance or were performing the set-up alone.


Two common complaints about the ProForm 675 E are that it is flimsy and noisy. Several users on Buzzillions listed "flimsy design" as a con of the 675 E. This treadmill only weighs 157 lbs., but ProForm lists the maximum user weight at 300 lbs. A treadmill is likely to feel unstable if you outweigh it by 50 to 100 lbs. Perhaps due to the flimsiness of the 675 E, excessive motor noise and rattling are common complaints about the machine.


A treadmill offers two ways to change the intensity of your workout: speed and incline. If one of these two components becomes unreliable, it drastically affects the quality of your workouts. A common technical problem with the 675 E treadmill is the incline. Some user reviews on GearBuyer.com note that the incline either never worked or stopped working within the first few months of use.

Customer Service

When users have had issues with the ProForm 675 E, they often find the customer service provided by ProForm to be lacking. Some consumers on GearBuyer report waiting on hold for 30 to 90 minutes. Others claim that even when they did speak to customer service, the solutions offered were not convenient or desirable.

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