Life Fitness 9100 Treadmill Problems


Life Fitness is an exercise equipment company that produces a variety of cardio and strength equipment for home gyms and fitness clubs. One of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment is the treadmill, including the Life Fitness 9100 model. This treadmill model has various features, some of which can develop problems that require troubleshooting and repairs.


The Life Fitness 9100 treadmill contains several features that are susceptible to damage or malfunction. One of the most important features revolves around safety and includes a built-in magnetic safety control. Most of the functions are controlled on the lower-level console placed on the front of the treadmill. The console controls the quick-start function, speed and incline, and it also displays workout data such as pace, time and calories burned.


Over time, the features and functions of the treadmill can malfunction, but other common problems to the Life Fitness 9100 treadmill relates to the power source and emergency features. Life Fitness recommends a non-dedicated electrical line for the treadmill as an improper electrical source could force the treadmill to reset. After designating a line to the treadmill, check for a loose power cord and make sure the emergency stop magnet is properly installed.


If you encounter a problem with the Life Fitness 9100 treadmill, proper identification will prepare you for a solution. Clean off all sensors, screens, handles and the console to remove any dirt or debris that could be interfering with proper function. Look over the exterior parts for signs of damage or malfunction. Remove the belt covering to inspect the condition of the motor.


Solving treadmill problems for the Life Fitness 9100 starts with proper maintenance consisting of regularly greasing and replacing parts. If a problem persists, turn the treadmill off and leave it for at least 15 minutes so the computer will reset. Always check the power source for proper grounding before looking for problems with the motor or electrical parts.


Life Fitness offers warranties for parts and labor on the 9100 treadmill. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame, shock absorbers and motor along with a 10-year warranty on electrical and mechanical parts and a 1-year warranty on labor. If the 9100 treadmill is within these warranty guidelines, contact Life Fitness or an authorized service technician for troubleshooting tips.