How to Exercise on an Elliptical Machine After an Anterior Hip Replacement


If you have had anterior hip replacement surgery, an elliptical trainer may be an appropriate exercise option for you, as they do not put much strain on your muscles. The weight-bearing exercise of an elliptical trainer further boosts the muscles of your legs and the joints of the hip, thus helping you to heal faster. However, you have to start off slowly when you first get on the elliptical trainer, so as to avoid any injuries to your new hip.

Set the resistance of the elliptical trainer to the lowest level.

Slowly get on the trainer and gain a strong footing on the foot pedals. Position your hands on the arm handles and get comfortable with your position.

Pedal backwards very slowly until you attain a level that is comfortable for you, then start moving forward.

Increase the resistance level incrementally. You should use the elliptical trainer at low resistance until you are able to use it for around half an hour in one session. Also, set the resistance level equally for the upper body and lower body workout. You don’t want to strain one particular group of muscles faster than another. If you experience any pain during your workout, stop your routine immediately and take a rest.


Put on running shoes before getting on the trainer; otherwise you might put too much pressure on your new hip.

Do not train on an elliptical without first getting the go-ahead from your doctor.