How to Repair Schwinn Treadmills

Close up woman running on treadmill

Schwinn Fitness started in 1895 as a bicycle company but eventually expanded into producing various fitness machines such as ellipticals, stationary bikes and treadmills. As of 2011, Schwinn Fitness is owned by Nautilus, major seller of fitness equipment, and produces several models of treadmills. While the Schwinn treadmills are made with durable materials, the equipment may need periodic repairs and maintenance to prolong its life. The repairs can typically be completed by following the owner’s manual and using a few basic tools.

Unplug the power cord and wait at least five minutes before performing any cleaning, maintenance or repairs. The time spent waiting reduces the risk of electrical shock from the power source.

Adjust the treadmill rubber feet – located below the front of the base frame – to level the treadmill. Place the level on the treadmill deck and turn the rubber feet clockwise to shorten or counterclockwise to lengthen. Setting up the machine a solid, level surface ensures proper function.

Remove the motor cover using the appropriate screwdriver. This exposes the treadmill motor and check for smooth roller operation on the track of the treadmill.

Adjust the belt tension by turning the bolts with an Allen wrench. At times, the belt tension on Schwinn treadmills can change, resulting in the belts slipping during use. Set the treadmill to three mph and use an Allen wrench to turn the right and left tension bolts until the belt does not slip.

Align the walking belt on the track by adjusting the alignment bolts located at the rear of the treadmill left or right. Set the treadmill at three mph and turn the adjustment bolts clockwise to turn the belt left or counterclockwise to move the belt right.

Remove the console cover by unscrewing the screws on the back plate. At times, Schwinn treadmills may need new console wires, electronics or LED lights.

Replace the integrated grip heart rate sensors by removing the screws on the handles. Install the new sensors by securely tightening the screws.

Tighten all bolts and screws on the treadmill. You can examine the bolts and screws before each use along with looking for loose, broken or damaged parts. This may prevent you from needing any major repairs.


Read the owner's manual before using. Always follow the treadmill ratings for weight and power. Routinely monitor the performance of the treadmill Keep the machine clean and dry Consult the warranty for the Schwinn treadmill. Some models will have a 30-year warranty on the frame and motor, 2-year warranty on parts and 1-year on labor (see References 3).


Consult your personal physician before using a treadmill.