Specifications of Schwinn Travelers


The Schwinn Traveler was a bike manufactured from the late 1950s to the end of the 1980s. According to Re-Cycle, the Traveler started as a three-speed, but was a 10-speed by the 1980s. Although Schwinn doesn't make the Traveler line anymore, enthusiasts are still interested in the bike. The Traveler is a customizable bike, and many have tweaked its original specifications to suit their modern needs.


The Traveler's size is 25 to 26 inches, as measured along the seat tube. This is a common frame size for an adult. Its standover height is 34 inches. Sheldon Brown, bicycle expert and developer of a popular bike reference website, defines standover height as the above-ground measurement of the top bicycle tube, which is the tube that runs along the vertical bike head tube and the seat. The frame of the kids' version of the Schwinn Traveler measures 19 to 21 inches.

Frame Material

The Traveler's frame is lean, which makes storage easy. It is made of steel. The seat is made of an alloy produced by SR Sakae. Compared to Schwinn's most recent bikes, with sloping tubes that make up the frame, the Traveler's design consists mostly of linear tubes.

Brakes, Pedals and Tires

The Schwinn Traveler is a multipurpose bike designed for sports, casual biking or touring. Its parts ensure that the overall bike is lightweight enough for these purposes. The Exage Motion brakes and levers work with center-pull caliper brakes. The pedals are Shimano PD-A550. The Schwinn Whirlwind tires measure 1 3/8 inches.


The Schwinn Traveler has an Exage 300EX rear derailleur and a narrow front derailleur. The Traveler also has a double chainring that measures 52t/40t. Shift levers are made by Shimano.