How to Become a Boxing Trainer

How to Become a Boxing Trainer

Becoming a boxing trainer can be a rewarding career. In this job, you will have decided to commit yourself to the advancement of your boxers by advising them on the sport through use of your skills and knowledge during frequent training sessions and competition in different states. A boxing trainer is also a teacher and leader, and acts as a mentor — sometimes even outside the sport of boxing.

Learn the sport through actually boxing. The most successful boxing trainers have been amateur or professional boxers themselves. Learning the sport and its intricacies will be enable you to work with those whom you are training and allow you to interact on a level of someone who has been in the same position. Go to boxing shows and determine the flaws and strengths of the competing boxers, then try to determine traits and characteristics that you are capable of teaching to your own boxers. Attempt to become an established boxing trainer's assistant to learn the nuances of coaching and how to conduct a practice session.

Register and certify as a USA Boxing Coach. Becoming a registered and certified USA Boxing Coach will lend credibility to your abilities. The registration process involves sending in a completed application, consenting to a background check and paying the required amount. Registration is good for one year, expiring on Dec. 31 of each year, and the background check is good for two years. Certification requires that you participate in a USA Boxing Officials clinic and pass a test on the information included in the clinic. The certification is good for two years after the clinic and written test.

Become a USA Boxing Coach to add legitimacy to your business.

Find a place to train boxers. If there are gyms around, you may apply there; however, you may want to open your own training facility. Equip the space with all the training tools you will need: heavy bags, focus mitts, jump ropes, a speed bag -- all the essentials of boxing.

Promote yourself by becoming involved in local boxing. Spread the word about your background and your credentials. Develop promotional material to hand out, such as business cards or brochures.