What Are the Best Roller Skate Bearings?

Roller derby skater fall

For the average enthusiast, roller skate bearings will make only a marginal difference in the quality of your skate. More emphasis should be placed on simply improving technique. However, if you're serious about your roller skating, having the best roller skate bearings can be the difference between a good skate and a great skate. Ceramic bearings provide that edge by giving you a smoother, harder, and longer-lasting bearing than steel.

Ceramic Ball Bearings

Made from the compound silicon nitride, ceramic ball bearings offer the ability to withstand heat better than steel. During high-speed movements, friction in the bearings causes heat to build. With steel, this could cause some expansion of the materials if they are not well lubricated, potentially affecting performance. However, ceramics tolerate heat better and require much less lubrication, making them the best option for serious roller skaters.