The Best Yoga Mats

people in yoga class on yoga mats

“I will catch you if you fall.” — your yoga mat

Some yogis like their mats thick with lots of cushion, others prefer a thinner mat akin to a hard floor. Your mat preference depends on what works for your body and mind without taking you out of your practice mentally or physically. As long as your mat allows you to flow with ease and prevents you from slipping and sliding and developing joint pain, then the mat’s done its duty.

Unfortunately, the most basic mats on the market are made from cheap, synthetic plastic and hard to grip, which often leads to injury. Not to mention they may easily wear, tear and smell. The best way to prevent this is to invest in one of the most trusted yoga mat brands on the market. These mats provide the best joint-protecting, smell-preventing, eco-friendly, durable and high-performing grip surfaces.

1. Manduka

Manduka is a popular mat for the eco-conscious yogi. The company’s philosophy is to respect all living things and produce emissions-free products made from natural, recyclable, sustainable and biodegradable materials.

The Manduka PRO Series is available in standard to extra-long lengths. They also have a Manduka PRO Squared mat which is 78 inches in length and width. Manduka claims to provide unmatched density and cushion as opposed to the average yoga mat. The PRO Series Black mat is suitable for all styles of yoga and carries a lifetime guarantee.

2. JadeYoga

JadeYoga’s mission is to not only produce eco-friendly mats, but to give back to Mother Earth by planting a tree with every mat sold. JadeYoga mats are some of the most versatile mats tapped from rubber trees and renewable resources.

They offer slip-proof surfaces that the yogi can hand-wash with warm soapy water to clean. And all JadeYoga mats are made in the United States. The Harmony Mats are the most popular, with a range of colors and impeccable grip. They also provide travel and kid mats.

3. PrAna

PrAna is one of the best valued mats and has quickly become one of the leading up-and-comers for yogis. With a variety of colors, designs, sizes and prices, PrAna gives the yogi a mat to reflect on their unique style and creativity.

Their Henna ECO series is 100-percent thermoplastic elastomer and has three different styles. PrAna provides one of the best value mats on the market with Henna ECO series and their printed microfiber mats.

4. LiForMe

LiForMe is seen in yoga studios across the world as one of the leading and ground-breaking yoga mat brands. LiForMe mats are designed to not only support the yogi with stability and comfort, but also guide their alignment. With a variety of colors and designs, the mat provides alignment markers across the mat.

Its Truly Revolutionary and Versatile series mats are made out of natural rubber and exo-polyurethane material. So now there's no excuse to not have a perfectly aligned Warrior II.

5. agoy

For the fashion-conscious yogi who aspires for perfect alignment during practice, agoy creates versatile mats from London. agoy aims to create innovative mats that combine ancient tradition with a modern lifestyle to support a life of health and happiness.

The mats have a unique look with gently curved corners and come in a variety of earthy or vibrant colors. The Classic Studio Mat series is very lightweight and may be their most popular and best value.

What Do YOU Think?

So how important is having the right yoga mat, anyway? Practicing with the right mat that works for your body will not only enhance your flow, but keep you safe, supported and toxin-free. Yoga mats are abundant and more eco-friendly companies are on the rise.

If you’re a beginner, it may be wise to rent one of the mats at your yoga studio before you purchase a cheap mat. A high-quality, eco-friendly yoga mat is not only an investment for the body, keeping it safe and supported, but also for the mind, helping you stay connected with your practice. All bodies are different. Make sure your mat is suitable for your body type before you purchase.