Triceps Superset Workouts

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Performing supersets is an efficient way to achieve the physical results you may be looking for. Supersets are comprised of two exercises performed one right after the other with no rest in between. You do supersets with the same muscle group or opposing muscle groups. For well-defined triceps, try three superset circuits, two to three times per week.


Your triceps is made of three heads, called the triceps brachii. The three heads -- lateral, medial and long -- connect your upper arm bone and shoulder blade to your forearm. The lateral head is responsible for the horseshoe appearance that you see in a well-defined triceps. Your triceps's main job is to extend your arm, but it also plays a role in bringing your arm down toward your body.


There are many superset variations, with one not necessarily better than the other. Pick around six exercises, or three supersets, for your triceps. Because your triceps is involved in pushing actions, you may also choose to work your triceps on days where you are performing chest and shoulder exercises. While these will not directly work the triceps, it iwill still benefit from the work.


Exercises like dips, close-grip bench presses, triceps pulldowns, overhead triceps extensions, skull crushers, and kickbacks would make three sufficient supersets. For example, perform eight to 12 repetitions of dips immediately followed by eight to 12 reps of close-grip bench presses, and repeat three times in a row. Repeat in the same style with the following four exercises.

Other exercises may include variations of the above by either using a cable machine or lying on a decline or incline, and using one arm at a time as opposed to both. Your workout should be changed every four to six weeks to continue seeing results. also recommends frequently changing the order of the exercises to shock your muscles and gain the most benefit from your workout.


Proper form while exercising will keep your joints and muscles safe and free of injury. When performing almost any triceps exercise, focus on keeping your elbows shoulder-distance apart and not splaying them out to the sides.

In any triceps exercise, there is no need to move your shoulders or upper arm. For example, when performing skull crushers, moving your shoulders would no longer target your triceps. Your elbows should stay stationary above your shoulders when lying down, bending only at the elbows to bring the weight to your forehead or just overhead.