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Fastpitch Softball Tryout Tips

Fastpitch softball tryout tips are designed to help you showcase your skills during a short tryout. In addition to tryout tips for players, coaches also can utilize tryout tips with respect to the types of drills and exercises they should run during a tryout. Softball tryout tips can include pointers for pitching and catching as well as hitting.

Playing Catch

While many play catch as an opportunity to warm up, it is important to note that the moment you walk on the field, you are being evaluated by coaches. So warm up before your tryout. Casually throwing the ball around with other players during a tryout does not accurately showcase your throwing technique and arm speed. As a result, if you are asked to play catch with a partner during a tryout, always use your best form, catching the ball directly in front of you and throwing the ball with your arm coming directly over the top of your head.

Hitting Stance and Bat Speed

During the offensive portion of your fastpitch softball tryouts, coaches will evaluate you on your bat speed as well as your hitting stance and mechanics. To prepare for this, go to the batting cages on a regular basis starting two weeks before the tryout. During this practice time, focus on keeping your elbows locked at the point of impact and your arms bent and parallel with the ground. In addition, focus on taking a small step during your swing instead of a large, lunging step. To improve your bat speed, place a tee on home plate and a ball on top of it. Place a hitting weight, often referred to as a donut, on the bat for extra resistance. Swing multiple times with this weighted bat. When you are ready to swing without the weight, your bat speed will increase.

Laying Out

During softball tryouts, most coaches like to separate the players who hustle from the players who don't. As a result, during infield drills, if a ground ball is hit far to your left or right side, get dirty by diving for the ball. Even if you do not come up with it, the willingness to dive out to make the play will earn you extra points with the coaches. This strategy also can be applied to outfielders when balls are hit over their heads or far to their left or right. If you dive early enough in the tryout, each time you step up to the plate or go to field a ball, coaches will notice the dirt stain on your jersey. This will separate you from the other players in the tryout.

Evaluation Forms

While conducting a tryout, it is often helpful to use an evaluation form to make notes on individual players. Providing assistant coaches with evaluation forms during the tryouts will allow you to compare notes and see which players your coaching staff collectively likes or dislikes. In addition, it will allow you to make notes on players' height, power and whether or not they are right- or left-handed. This will allow you to choose a balanced roster of players who will complement each other.

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