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Challenging Types of Situps

Traditional situps are an essential component of a calisthenics routine. This exercise, which targets your abs but also strengthens your hip flexors, can be challenging in its own right. When you eventually gain enough strength to perform situps without difficulty, however, considering a couple of variations to put the burn back into your workout.

Just Add Incline or Weight

Incline situps and weighted situps are a pair of challenging variations of the exercise. Both variations require some equipment, however. Incline pushups require an incline bench, on which you position your body so your feet are higher than your head. Incline benches are a fixture at many gyms and are even possible to find in parks that have outdoor exercise stations. To perform weighted situps, hold a weight plate behind your neck and perform the exercise on flat ground. If you don't have a weight plate, it's possible to perform this variation by having a workout partner gently press against your chest as you perform the exercise.

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