How Can a Teenager Get Buff?

Teen lifting dumbbells outdoors

Getting buff means increasing your amount of lean muscle mass. Resistance exercise incorporates movements that strengthen and tone the muscles. Young adults can build larger muscles through weightlifting routines and other types of resistance exercise, although very young teenagers should wait until after they enter puberty to begin lifting weights in an attempt to increase muscle size.

Muscle Mass

Strength training uses resistance to challenge the muscle fibers, a technique that helps build new muscle tissue. Teenagers that participate in strength-training exercise on a regular basis may realize numerous benefits, such as loss of excess fat, increase in stamina, sharper focus and the ability to manage chronic conditions, including depression. Getting buff involves strenuous exercise and activities that rely on adequate nutrients. While certain exercises promote muscle growth, a healthy diet provides the nutritional basis for optimal muscle development.


The best technique when starting a weight-lifting program is to begin gradually and let your muscles slowly adjust to the strain and stress of strength training. Learn lifting techniques from an experienced individual or a professional trainer. Improper lifting techniques can result in injuries and unnecessary muscle soreness. Focus your first few training sessions on developing the proper lifting technique using light weights.


Using the weight of your own body allows you to perform numerous strength training exercises without having to spend money on equipment or go to the gym. Start building your muscles by performing leg squats, pushups, pullups, lunges and abdominal crunches. Add resistance tubing, free weights and weight machines to continue challenging your muscles as you get stronger. When lifting free weights or using machines, add enough weight or resistance to make the 12th repetition difficult to complete. Three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions of each exercise is enough to help you start getting buff. Train each muscle group no more than twice per week.


Teenagers that lift weights are at risk of injuries from improper lifting techniques. Get a physical exam before beginning a strength training routine, especially if you have a chronic disease. Avoid overstressing your muscles by lifting more weight than you can control in an attempt to get buff quickly.