How to Clear the Right Hip on the Downswing


The golf swing is one of the most precise motions in all of sports. Clearing the right hip out of the way on the downswing is essential to optimum performance. This is accomplished by creating whip and torque by turning your hips -- never sliding -- then rotating them through impact and exploding through the ball. The movement takes years of practice for even the best players.

Turn your hips away from the target on the backswing. Create torque and tension by rotating the hips as far away from the target as possible.

Extend your arms and hands to the sky and turn your shoulders so your back is facing the target. This gives your hips ample room to clear out.

Initiate the downswing by turning your hips back toward the target. This movement is a turn and never a slide or lunge.

Rotate your hips through the ball as your arms are dropping. This will allow you to achieve the slot position, which is important for distance and power.

Clear the right hip out of the way by straightening the left leg and firming up the left side. Your weight shifts forward and your hips spin back toward the target.

Drive your hands through the ball while clearing your hips out -- your belt buckle should finish pointing toward the target -- and following through to a full finish.


Ensure your hips turn toward the target and you are not sliding forward. This leads to a loss of power and makes it hard for the right hip to clear out properly.


Do not let the club pass your hands through the ball, regardless of how quickly you can clear your hips out. This will lead to scoops, flips and shanks -- major fundamental errors in golf.