How to Become a Body Combat Instructor

Woman practicing martial arts kick

BodyCombat is a martial arts-based cardiovascular group fitness program developed and trademarked by Les Mills International Ltd. of New Zealand. BodyCombat is part of a group of fitness classes that includes BodyPump, BodyFlow and BodyVive. BodyCombat instructors lead classes in any gym, worldwide, that offers BodyCombat among its fitness programs. Because Les Mills International owns the trademark on the BodyCombat name, the only way to become a BodyCombat instructor is to receive training and certification from the company.

Join or seek employment at a club that has an active license to offer BodyCombat. Les Mills requires that all potential instructors be associated with a club licensed to offer BodyCombat classes. The Les Mills website offers a search page to help you find clubs in your area. Once you become associated with a club, ask the group fitness manager or the club owner to sponsor your training. If you cannot find a club in your area, contact Les Mills International.

Complete the "Instructor Agreement" at the Les Mills website. The fields with the red stars are required fields, and you must include the name of the club you chose to sponsor you.

Attend Les Mills training classes. The company offers training classes, called "events," quarterly.

Record a video of yourself teaching an imaginary BodyCombat class and send it to Les Mills. Les Mills will evaluate the video to determine whether to issue your certification. If you still need training, Les Mills will notify you and give you another opportunity for evaluation.


Some gyms offer BodyCombat-style classes without the Les Mills trademark and licensing. If you are unable to find a Les Mills-licensed gym in your area, consider contacting a gym that offers similar classes.

Several organizations offer certifications for generic group fitness training, resistance training and specialized classes, such as cardio kickboxing or water aerobics. You can use the training provided to create your own fitness classes that offer a similar workout to BodyCombat without encountering trademark issues. You can find reputable certifying organizations through the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.