How to Attach Skis to Backpack


Most skiers prefer to be on their skis during trips to the slopes. But at times, it’s necessary to traverse bad sections to find good snow or walk a roadside back to the lodge. Carrying your skis while hiking or walking is impractical and uncomfortable. In these situations, a ski-mount system on a backpack allows you to make your way without carrying skis. You have the option of a pack with the system intact or obtaining a removable system that fits on ski backpacks. Take a seat on a comfortable perch and attach your skis to your backpack.

Place the backpack flat with the back facing up. Unfasten the adjustable buckles at the right and left upper mounts. To unfasten a buckle, depress the tabs on the sides by hand and pull the clips on the strap out of slots on the buckle.

Close the release lever on the heel of one ski. Insert the tail of the ski into the lower mount on one side of the backpack.

Slide the ski down in the lower mount until the heel of the binding rests against the top of the mount. Fasten the buckle by pushing the clips on the strap into the slots on the buckle until they snap into place.

Attach the other ski in the opposite mount in the same way. Jiggle the skis from side-to-side to make sure each is securely attached. To tighten a mount, unfasten a buckle and push the upper section of the strap toward the buckle then pull the lower section of the strap tight. Fasten the buckle.


Ski mounts for backpacks come in several types, such as “A,” “H” and diagonal. Discuss each type with a salesperson or experienced skier to determine which type you might prefer.