The Differences Between Sole E25 & Sole E35 Elliptical Trainers

The Sole E25 and the Sole E35 are residential elliptical trainers with the same basic design and features. It is difficult to distinguish the E35 and E25 just by looking at the machines, but the E35 offers some advanced features that the E25 doesn't, including a telemetry belt, heavier flywheel and controls on the handrails.


The Sole E25 and E35 are front-drive elliptical machines and as such, the flywheel mechanism sits in front of the pedals. The E25 has a 19 lb. flywheel and the E35 has a 25 lb. flywheel. Both machines are black with gray and red accents. The E35 and E25 include upper body swing arms for a full-body workout. They both also have stationary handrails if you prefer to only do a lower body workout.


The E35 has a slightly larger footprint than the E25 elliptical. Both machines are 27 inches wide, but the E35 is 82 inches long and the E25 is 71 inches long. They both have a 20-inch stride length and 16 levels of digitally controlled pedal resistance. The E35 weighs 200 lbs. and has a 375-lb. maximum user capacity. The E25 weighs 189 lbs. and has a 325-lb. maximum user capacity.


The Sole E35 includes a telemetry belt, which is a wireless heart rate transmitter that wraps around your chest. The E25 is compatible with a telemetry belt, but the belt is not included; you have to purchase it separately. Both elliptical machines have a power ramp that inclines up to 30 degrees. The built-in programs on the E25 and E35 automatically adjust the power ramp and pedal resistance for you. Both machines have incline and resistance control buttons on the console; the E35 also has control buttons on the handrails.


The E35 comes with a better warranty than the E25. Both models include in-home service, but the E35 has a 5-year warranty on parts, a lifetime warranty on the frame and brakes, and a 2-year warranty on labor. The E25 has a 3-year warranty on parts, a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on labor. At the time of publication, the E35 sells for $1,300 on the Sole website and the E25 sells for $1,000 on the Sole website.