List of Acupressure Points for Inducing Labor

Steve Mason/Valueline/Getty Images

Acupressure is the art of stimulating certain parts of the body to function in different manners. For labor, there are three distinct pressure points that are known to cause contractions. For a woman that is ready to go into labor but would prefer to avoid medical induction, the use of acupressure may aid in bringing on contractions and ultimately the birth of their child.

Foot/Ankle (Spleen Six Point)

The spleen six acupressure point is roughly 4 cm from the inside ankle bone. To find this point, use your fingertips to measure. Each fingertip is approximately 1 cm. Once you locate the point, begin to massage and continue for one minute. Take a small break (approximately one minute) and then repeat.

Hand (Hoku Point)

The hoku point is on the webbing of the thumb and index finger. This point is located at an angle and can be found by grasping the skin and directing pressure towards the knuckle of the index finger. Press firmly and begin to massage the area. Massage for approximately one minute and then rest for one minute.

Buttocks (Bladder 32 Point)

The bladder 32 point is in the dimple of the buttocks and is easy to recognize as a depression in the skin. To find this point, run your fingers down the spine until you reach the dimple of the buttock. When your finger slightly falls into the depression, begin to massage. This will trigger contractions.