How to Prepare for Soccer Tryouts

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Soccer tryouts give you the opportunity to show what you can do technically, tactically and in terms of fitness. In addition, they give the coaches a chance to look at the talent available. This helps them to decide where you might fit in their vision for their team. Tryouts also give you a chance to get a feel for what the team has to offer you. They allow you to discuss with coaches where you play and the likely competition for places from veteran and rookie players alike. Soccer tryouts, as with any other sports tryouts, give you an open call to strut your stuff.

Physical and Mental Preparation

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Get at least 10 hours of sleep prior to your tryout, because you cannot overestimate the importance of sleep. It also is crucial that you eat correctly prior to the tryout, with pasta and lean fish or meat excellent choices three hours or so before the event. Finally, you should, of course, keep fully hydrated, mixing water with isotonic drinks, if that's your preference.

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Prepare yourself mentally for what may be to come. If it is you first tryout, focus on the skills you know you have to offer and concentrate on doing them to the best of your ability. If you are a veteran of tryouts, remember what worked in the past and stick to it. Be you a novice or a veteran, attempt to accentuate the positives.

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Warm up physically for your soccer workout or match. Getting warmed up before getting into the activity for real is hugely important. Simple jogging with controlled stretching will prepare you for what is to come. If you are trying out in cold weather, remember to wear several layers of clothing until you are fully warmed up.

Appreciate that soccer is a team game so you can analyze where you may fit into the team. Acknowledge that sound tactical awareness may well get you the nod over players who appear to be more gifted physically. Remember, soccer is a skill sport, with great emphasis on tactical know how, so bring a good deal of thought to the tryout as to how you can make the team better tactically.


As with any athletic activity, it is crucial that, if you experience chest pain, you stop immediately, and if you have a medical condition, get the OK from your physician before taking part.