How to Make a Punch Bag Heavier


Punching bags are found in boxing training facilities and fitness clubs around the world. The punching bags are used by boxers and fitness enthusiasts as a strength and cardiovascular workout. The fast-paced punching and kicking combinations require technique and focus to maximize performance results. At times, you may need a heavier punching bag to challenge your fitness and strength level. Before making any changes to your bag, consider your goals and current fitness level.

Remove any hooks or straps from the punching bag with scissors.

Open one end of the punching bag to expose the inside stuffing material.

Fill the punching bag with 1-inch closed-cell foam and pack tightly. The closed-cell foam keeps its shape and provides the most amount of weight.

Weigh the punching bag. Remove or add closed-cell foam until you reach the desired weight.

Close the punching bag by sewing the two layers or duct-taping them together. The duct tape will help to extend the lifespan of the heavy bag. If possible, reuse the original hooks and straps.

Test the heavier punching bag with a variety of punches and kicks. Note the overall feel of every strike and make any necessary adjustments to the foam.