Tire Dragging Exercises

strongman exercise

You can use a tire for a variety of workouts. You can flip it to develop leg, back and arm strength or hit it repeatedly with a sledgehammer to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Alternatively, you can attach a towing strap to it and drag it like you would drag a much more expensive strength training sled. The possibilities are almost endless.

Equipment Requirements

Select a tire based on your current level of strength. Though you won't be lifting the tire, it still needs to be heavy enough to challenge you. Wrap a short chain around the tire and then attach a webbing strap to the chain. While you could just loop the webbing strap under the tire, the strap will soon wear out as you drag the tire along the ground. You may either hold the strap in your hands or fix it to a strong waist belt. Drag your tire on gravel or grass for an easy workout or on concrete or uphill for a more demanding workout. To make your tire heavier, place a wooden board inside and weigh it down with weight plates, rocks or sandbags.

Forward Drag For a Better Butt

Dragging a tire while facing forward is an effective way to overload your butt and also your hamstrings. This is a useful exercise for runners, sprinters, football players and cross country skiers. You may walk for a low-impact workout or sprint for a high- intensity, high-impact workout. Use a waist strap to place the majority of the workload on your legs or a chest strap to also challenge your core muscles. Walk for distance, time or a predetermined number of steps.

Turn your Back on Skinny Thighs

Walking backward while dragging a tire works your quadriceps -- the muscles located on the front of your thighs. While you could perform squats to work these muscles, some exercisers find squats hard on their knees. Walking backwards while dragging a tire is an effective alternative to squats. Do not run backwards as you may trip. Instead, take large, powerful strides and try to keep your body upright. Look behind you occasionally to make sure you won't trip on anything. Walk for distance, time or a predetermined number of steps.

Tennis players, hockey players, football players and soccer players all need to be able to move sideways quickly, whether to intercept, dodge an opponent or make an important block. Dragging a tire sideways is an effective way to overload the muscles required for fast and powerful lateral movements. Simply stand sideways to your tire, grab the strap and walk sideways for the desired distance or number of steps. On completion, swap sides and repeat.

Safety First

If you drag your tire in public areas, be aware of other road users to prevent accidents. Tire dragging is an intense workout so do not do too much too soon and always warm up thoroughly before your workout. If you are new to exercise or have been sedentary or unwell lately, check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.