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Baseball Team Building Exercises

While the success of a baseball team, at any level, depends on talent, execution and consistency, one often overlooked aspect to the game is team chemistry. Developing that chemistry can be a challenge for any manager or coach, because competitive personalities often chafe against each other. Through time and effort team chemistry can be developed, and several team-building exercises both on the practice field and away from the game entirely can help.

No "I" in Team

Fundamentally, effective team-building exercises require the entire team to work together toward the completion of a goal or a task. Often, a baseball team can break up into cliques during organized practices, as the infielders, outfielders, pitchers and catchers spend much of practice going through position-specific drills. To overcome this, it’s necessary for the team’s top players and benchwarmers alike to cooperate as equals. One good method is to task the team with groundskeeping duties and facility upkeep after each practice. Tasks such as grooming the infield, clearing out trash, straightening up batting cages and smoothing out pitching mounds encourage the team to work together as a single unit. Away from the practice field, you can continue the spirit of encouraging the team to work together as a single unit with a fundraiser, such as a carwash.

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