How to Tie a Hockey Jersey Knot

Hockey players in locker room, low section

Hockey sweaters featuring lace-up collars are still in use as professional hockey uniforms. Lace-up collars are also popular on retro jerseys. Left untied, though, they can pose a distraction on the ice or in the stands as they move during play or while you root for your team. Whether you are suiting up to play or cheer, tie those laces tight and get them out of the way. A shoelace bow with a double knot will do the trick.

Wrap one end of the collar lace around the other to tie a half knot in the lace. Pull it tight.

Form a loop in both ends and wrap one loop around the other to complete a bow. Tighten the bow. Make the loops and ends the same length.

Wrap one loop around the other to complete a double knot bow. This will keep the bow from unraveling.