How to Adjust Nose Piece on Swim Goggles by Allen Wrench

11 year old boy in swimming pool with goggles on. image by pixelcarpenter from

Swim goggles cover the eyes and protect them from water. Most goggles are one-size-fits-all. Still, once removed from the packaging, goggles should be adjusted to fit the user's face. If the goggles are improperly fitted, water can seep into the goggles. On most professional grade goggles, the nose bridge can be adjusted using a small Allen wrench, provided with the goggles.

Place the swim goggles onto your face. Determine whether the nose bridge feels too tight or too loose. Remove the goggles from your face.

Lay the goggles on a flat surface with the nose bridge facing downward. The underside of the nose bridge and goggles should be right side up.

Insert the Allen wrench into the hold on the underside of the nose bridge. Turn the wrench counter-clockwise to loosen the nose bridge and clockwise to tighten the nose bridge. Adjust the nose bridge to a level you think is appropriate.

Place the goggles on your face. Continue to adjust the nose bridge until you get an appropriate fit.