How to Take Apart Steel Basketball Posts

How to Take Apart Steel Basketball Posts

Many outdoor basketball courts use sectional metal poles. These poles are attached via bolts and locknuts through aligned holes along their lengths. Nesting metal squares fit into the next progressive blank of the pole until the backboard portions are attached. To take these steel posts apart you must remove the bolts and nuts. Have an assistant help you with this process for safety's sake.

Set the stepladder next to the basketball post. Begin to loosen and unscrew the nuts from the retaining bolts starting with the top part of the post. Spray each bolt and nut with the Liquid Wrench or another substance that can penetrate and loosen tightened bolts to help break the tight bolt-nut combos.

Pull each post piece out from the other as the bolts and nuts are removed. If the bolts are sticky or feel locked in the post, tap them out with the mallet after the locknut is removed. Hand each post section to the assistant as you pull them up and out from the post.

Move down the post, pulling each piece from the full basketball post. Put the bolts and nuts into a sealable plastic bag for future use.


Use a marker to number the pieces as you remove them from the unit. Use these numbers to reassemble when ready.

Add a coating of rust-proofing varnish if paint chips or bare metal is exposed to keep the posts in good condition.