How to Attach a Pulley to the Bench on the Total Gym

The Total Gym has two different pulleys: An arm pulley that remains connected to the gym at all times and an optional leg pulley attachment that should be removed every time the Total Gym is folded up for storage, then reattached when the Total Gym is pulled out for use. When not in use, the leg pulley accessory kit should be stored in a plastic baggy attached to your Total Gym so that it’s always on hand when you need it.

Line the holes in the leg pulley bracket up with the holes in the vertical height adjustment column. The open end of the hooks on the bracket should be facing up.

Slide the large hitch pin--a slim metal cylinder--all the way through the bracket and height adjustment column until its head sits flush with the edge of the bracket.

Unhook the arm pulley from the hook underneath the glideboard. Hook the O-ring on the leg pulley cable to the same hook.

Examine the pulley rope to make sure it's not twisted. Untwist it, if necessary, then slip the D-ring attachment on the leg pulley over the hooks of the pulley bracket.


To use the leg pulley, you’ll simply attach the harness to your foot, connect the clip at the end of the cable to one of the attachment points on the harness, then lay on the glideboard to perform the exercise.


Always make sure the hitch pin is securely seated before using the leg pulley; a poorly secured hitch pin may result in serious injury if the pulley unexpectedly detaches from the machine.

Always consult your physician before beginning a new exercise program.