How to Get Autographs at Yankee Stadium


Unlike the old Yankee Stadium where players had to cross a small street after the game to reach their cars, the new Yankee Stadium includes an underground garage that only the players can access. While the old-fashioned way of ambushing a player walking by is a thing of the past at Yankee Stadium, there are still other ways avid fans can get their hands on the players' autographs, however difficult it may be.

Visit the Yankee Stadium Store within Yankee Stadium to obtain official autographed memorabilia from past players. From baseballs to bats to custom-made replica jerseys, you can purchase autographed goods ranging from $50 to $2,500, according to AJ Romeo, director of Yankees-Steiner Collectibles.

Wait outside the players' parking access area for a player's car to emerge from or enter the underground garage. The underground garage is located off River Avenue, underneath the elevated subway tracks. Since there are several traffic lights prior to entering the garage, you may be able to stop a player's car for an autograph before he reaches the garage entrance.

Go to the right-field wall in the lower section during batting practice and warm-ups before the game. Although this method is not a guarantee you will obtain an autograph, you will have a better opportunity at the right-field wall because the players' home dugout is on that side of the field. Increase your chances of obtaining an autograph by calling out a player's name and getting his attention.