How to Be a Liverpool Fan

Some people say that being a Liverpool fan is something you have to be born into. They claim that it cannot be taught. However-even if you weren't born on the Merseyside, don't speak with a Scouser accent and don't really care about the Beatles-you can still act like you were born in Liverpool. You can learn how to make Liverpool your team.

Watch Liverpool play. This may sound obvious, but it's the most important part of being a fan.

Learn the team. Know the players, watch how they play and pick your favorites. One of the most fun parts of following any team is developing a personal connection with individual players. Love them or hate them, but you begin to care about them.

Embrace Stephen Gerrard. Since Liverpool's immortal comeback against AC Milan in 2005, Stephen Gerrard has been the face of Liverpool football. Imagine the popularity of Michael Jordan, if he had been from the Chicago area and had repeatedly turned down contracts from rival teams.

Follow the Premiership and Champions League. If you want to follow Liverpool, you have to understand the leagues in which they play. The Premiership is England's top professional soccer league. Many people think that it's the top soccer league in the world. The Champions League is a competition between the top finishers in each individual European league.

Be aware of Liverpool's history. Liverpool is the most successful English team of all time. They've won the English League 12 times and the Champions League five times-both are English records.

Know your rivals. Recently, Liverpool has competed most fiercely against Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. Everton, which also plays in Liverpool, is another major rival. Don't just cheer for Liverpool. Cheer against your rivals as well.

Learn the Liverpool song. In England, every football club has a song that its fans sing during matches. Liverpool's song is 'Never Walk Alone.' Learn the song and sing along. It doesn't matter if you are sitting with 40,000 other fans at Anfield or at home in your living room: sing out proudly as you watch your team. Remember, you're not alone.


If you're in England, find a pub full of Liverpool supporters to watch the games at. Everything is more exciting if you're surrounded by screaming fans. If you're in the States, you can buy a cable package featuring the Fox Soccer Channel or try to stream games off the internet.


People take soccer very seriously. If you're in a public place in England, do not announce who you support unless you know the people around you.

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