How to Become a Professional Motocross Racer


Motocross racing involves racing on dirt tracks with jumps, bumps and steep mountains. It tests both the racer's body and his or her ride. If you want to be a professional motocross racer, you need to get the proper training and equipment. Without these, you will not get far, because many people are trying to become professional motocross racers as well.

Buy a motocross racing bike. Brands like Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda and KTM are the most popular brands of motocross bikes.

Obtain the proper riding equipment. You will need a helmet, gloves, racing suit and chest protector. Look for equipment that has been racing certified by the American Motorcycle Association, the largest racing organization in the U.S.

Enroll in a training class such as Jim Gibson's Motocross Training, EW MX Schools or Tony D. Motocross Schools. Training classes hone your skills and teach you all of the basics, like learning how set up for a jump and how to land on the other side.

Race at local motocross tracks. Winning a race in your first few tries is extremely unlikely, however, you will learn a lot about racing against other opponents. Select races that are only a few laps. Some motocross tracks are long and have many steep inclines and declines. These will tax your body, so racing only a few laps will allow you to get accustomed to racing these kind of tracks.

Move up to bigger tracks and bigger races when you feel more comfortable. Choose races that are longer, so that you will be ready for the stress that longer tracks put on bodies. Race in the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship. This is the biggest amateur motocross championship in the U.S. Race well here and you may be able to get into the pros. To get into the championship, you must first finish high in the area qualifier, then in the regional qualifier.

Obtain sponsors. With sponsors, you are able to get money to spend on your bike and traveling in exchange for putting the sponsor's name and likeness on your racing equipment and motorcycle. When looking for sponsors, contact businesses that you constantly see at races. Motorcycle parts companies, fuel companies and tire companies are some of the most common sponsors for motocross racers.


Motocross is very competitive, so your chances of becoming a professional motocross racer are low, but it is not impossible.

Motocross is also very dangerous, as racers do break collarbones and even backs at races with some regularity. There is a chance that you can get badly injured.