How to Change a Swatch Battery

Your Swatch watch still looks good, but it runs slow or has stopped running altogether. Before you buy a new watch, try buying a new battery. Many drug stores, business supply stores and online retailers sell the type of battery used in Swatch watches and you can easily change the battery yourself. Before you buy a new battery, however, open the watch as described below to find out what type of battery to buy.

Turn the watch over and do one of the following:

For Touch or Fun Scuba watches: Locate the small indent under the battery cover, insert a corner of the tip of the screwdriver into the indent, and then pop the battery cover off.

For Skin watches: Slide the tip of the screwdriver under the battery cover and pop the battery cover off.

For all other models: Insert the tip of a flat-head screwdriver into the slot above the + sign and turn the battery cover counter-clockwise about 1/8 of the circumference of the watch.

Remove the battery and look for a three-digit number, such as 390, on the battery case.

Shop for a battery. For example, to find your battery online, search for “390 watch battery.”

Put the new battery in the watch plus (+) side up.

Replace the battery cover. Use a flat-head screwdriver to screw a metal cover back into place. The plastic covers snap into place.


The Swatch warranty does not cover the life of the battery.


For the waterproof models, such as the Touch or Fun Scuba, be careful not to harm the rubber gasket when you remove the battery and carefully position the gasket when you replace the battery cover.