How to Start a Golf Cart Without the Keys


Golf carts are most commonly found on the golf course, but they are also used by homeowners -- particularly in tropical climates -- to travel to and from beach condos. Golf carts are similar to a small car, and they start by turning a key. If the key is lost or stolen, the golf cart can be started via two different methods.

Locate the ignition switch located next to the steering wheel of the golf cart. Inspect the inside of the ignition switch to make sure nothing is wedged or stuck in the opening.

Blow into the ignition switch to help remove any dust and debris that may be inside. Repeat the process several times.

Verify that the power to the ignition is turned on, and insert a screwdriver into the ignition. Move it into different positions until the vehicle starts. You must access the ignition wires if the vehicle fails to start.

Lift the seat of the golf cart and locate the ignition underneath. Turn the ignition switch to off. Find and disconnect the two ignition wires. Cut the ends with wire cutters and pull back on the covering. Connect the two wires to each other, and tape them together with a piece of electrical tape

Turn the ignition switch back to "on." Wait a second for the car to start up. Lower the seat and lock it into place.


Be extremely careful when working with ignition wires.