How Do I Change the Height of the Reebok Step?

    Step 1

    Place the Reebok Step upside down on the floor.

    Step 2

    Pull out the riser from the base of the step.

    Step 3

    Hold the riser with the flat end facing up and slide it into the step deck to make a six-inch step.

    Step 4

    Turn the step sideways. If you have done it correctly, the step and riser will make an interlocked zig-zag pattern.

    Step 5

    Adjust the step by removing the riser and sliding it into the next highest notch on the step. This gives you an eight-inch step.

    Step 6

    Turn the step sideways and check the fit. The eight inch set-up has one interlocking zig-zag shape.

    Step 7

    Remove the riser to adjust the step to the highest, 10-inch height.

    Step 8

    Turn the riser 180 degrees so the smaller end is pointing inwards.

    Step 9

    Push the riser into the bottom of the step creating a C-shape.

    Step 10

    Turn the step face-up and push down to ensure the riser is fixed tightly into the step.

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