How Do I Change the Height of the Reebok Step?


The Reebok step has two detachable, step-shaped feet. By changing the configuration, you can adjust the height of the step to six, eight or 10 inches. The different step heights accommodate varied training goals, from weight loss to aerobic exercise. A 1993 study by kinesiology professor Marianne Dixie Stanforth found that the height of the step accounted for a 66 percent variance in calories expended during step aerobics. Using and adjusting your Reebok Step properly can help you achieve your own tailored fitness goals.

Place the Reebok Step upside down on the floor.

Pull out the riser from the base of the step.

Hold the riser with the flat end facing up and slide it into the step deck to make a six-inch step.

Turn the step sideways. If you have done it correctly, the step and riser will make an interlocked zig-zag pattern.

Adjust the step by removing the riser and sliding it into the next highest notch on the step. This gives you an eight-inch step.

Turn the step sideways and check the fit. The eight inch set-up has one interlocking zig-zag shape.

Remove the riser to adjust the step to the highest, 10-inch height.

Turn the riser 180 degrees so the smaller end is pointing inwards.

Push the riser into the bottom of the step creating a C-shape.

Turn the step face-up and push down to ensure the riser is fixed tightly into the step.


Use the Reebok Step on a non-slip mat or carpeted surface so it does not slide away while you're exercising.

The riser is meant to slide out of the bottom smoothly. You do not need tools or excessive force to remove it.

Start your aerobic program on the lowest step height. Research has shown that a lower step height decreases force on your body and reduces the risk of injury. Move up to the eight- and 10-inch heights when you are more experienced.