How do I Soundproof a Speedbag for Apartment Use?


Speed bags are used for cardiovascular exercise, boosting hand-eye coordination and quickening your motor-skills. Unfortunately, speed bags are loud and can be rather annoying to you cohabitants or neighbors if you live in a building with conjoined homes. Although there is no guaranteed way to sound proof a speed bag, there are several steps you can take to make your workout a little quieter.

Replace the ball hook swivel on the speed bag with a solid brass swivel. Ball hook swivels add excess motion to the bag, creating more noise.

Move the speed bag to an outer wall if it is connected to a wall that shares itself with another room or apartment.

Use the razor knife to cut a sheet of carpeting the size of the platform on the speed bag.

Glue the carpeting on to the platform board. This will create a sound barrier and it was also reduce the impact of the speed bag when it hits the board.

Glue 12-by-12 inch carpet squares to the walls that are adjacent to the speed bag at eye level to reduce noise reverberation.

Replace the bag itself with a smaller, lighter version such as a eight-by-five inch bag to reduce the blunt force when it hits the platform board.