How to Inflate an Everlast Speed Bag


Boxing is a dangerous sport that requires training before you meet an opponent. Most boxers spend years conditioning their body, then spend weeks or months between fights preparing for each opponent. One of the key components in a boxer's training is the speed bag. The speed bag helps a fighter with his punching speed and accuracy. Everlast, a popular maker of boxing equipment, makes speed bags that take only a few minutes to set up.

Attach your inflating needle. As with most inflatable athletic gear, you're going to need an inflating needle that connects on the end of your air pump.

Moisten the inflating needle just before plunging it into your Everlast speed bag. You can simply dunk your needle in a little water or even spit on it. If you don't lubricate the needle before forcing it in, you either puncturing the air bladder or breaking the needle off in the bag.

Insert the moistened needle into the Everlast speed bag. On the bottom of the speed bag is the insertion point--it has a similar look to the inflation hole of a basketball or football. After you've lubricated the inflation needle insert the needle as far as it will go.

Check to make sure that the air bladder shield is closed. If your bag is brand new, this shouldn't be a problem. It should already be closed, but just in case it isn't, make sure the bag is sealed up and tied shut.

Pump a maximum of four pounds of air into the speed bag. If your air pump doesn't have an air scale on it, a good visual frame of reference is to wait until the Everlast speed bag has no wrinkles in it. After the wrinkles are pumped out, give it a couple more good pumps to ensure that the bag is fully inflated. You should be able to gently squeeze the inflated bag and push in the leather just slightly.


Start off with a bigger bag. Speed bags come in many different sizes. The bigger the bag, the easier it is to hit. Many beginners start with a bigger bag and then, as they get faster, work their way down to a smaller bag.


Be careful not to overinflate the bag. Overinflating can cause a bag to pop.