How to Have a Dodgeball Fundraiser

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Dodgeball is a sport in which two teams with an equal number of players attempt to eliminate the players on the other team until only one team's players remain. A player can be eliminated by being struck with a ball thrown by an opponent or by having an opponent catch a ball, an act which often also allows the catching team to bring back an eliminated player. Dodgeball's popularity makes it an effective choice on which to base a fundraiser, using the appeal of the sport to draw in participation.

Select an organization or cause that your fundraiser will benefit. A fundraiser can be used to raise money for a charity that is not involved in planning the event or can be run by an organization, such as a sports team, to raise money for the organization or a specific cause.

Calculate the costs to host and run the event as well as the amount of money you expect to raise, and determine what percentage of the funds will go toward overhead costs and what will go to the organization.

Select a location for your fundraiser, being sure it will accommodate an event of your desired size. Attempting to force a large event into a small venue will lead to cramped spacing and a hectic atmosphere.

Pick a date for the event, making sure that your desired location is available on that date.

Establish the rules for the tournament, including the number of players on a team, the type of balls to be used and the format of the tournament.

Set an entry fee for teams to help build the amount of money you want to raise from the event.

Contact local stores and inquire about sponsorship through gift donations. The gifts donated can then be raffled off during the event or awarded as prizes, based on achievement, during the event to encourage enrollment and spectator attendance.

Advertise the event with posters that clearly detail who or what the fundraiser will benefit, how teams can register, as well as the cost and obligation of participation.

Collect registration forms and fees from all teams prior to the event so you know how many teams for which you must plan.

Schedule the matches in the fundraising tournament, including both time and court numbers if multiple courts are used.

Assign roles to volunteers helping to run the fundraiser. Common needs for a dodgeball tournament include referees, score keepers and other individuals to work the doors if admission is charged or to sell snacks and drinks.

Record the results of all matches as the tournament progresses.

Distribute the funds to the charity or organization benefiting from the event.