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End of Season Soccer Party Ideas

Entertainment for Everyone

Book a party room at an indoor or outdoor entertainment center to combine food with fun for your soccer team's players. Indoor entertainment centers typically feature a selection of arcade and interactive games such as bowling, bumper cars and laser tag, while outdoor centers have mini-golf, go-karts and rock climbing. Both venues have a number of activities that will appeal to your players, regardless of their ages. At a specified time, arrange for the players to assemble in the party room for pizza and cake.

Picnic With a Twist

Visiting a public area such as a park is an ideal way for your energetic players to burn off some steam while keeping the party's cost low. Recruit a handful of parents to supply a potluck picnic and surprise your team by announcing a kids versus parents soccer team. Or, depending on the age of the players, mix the kids and parents together to form two teams. Find a park with a swimming pool, an obstacle course or a beach volleyball court to allow the players to keep active while the parents relax.

Closer to Home

Check if the parents of a player have a large home and yard in which your team could gather. The perk of this setting is keeping your players safely together, which is ideal if the players are young. A pool party, horseshoe tournament or a croquet game can keep the kids and parents entertained, while a few parents can flip burgers and hot dogs on the barbecue for some post-activity refreshments. Depending on the neighborhood's location, a soccer game in a nearby park can make suitable entertainment.

Time for Reflections

Regardless of your choice of venue, the end-of-season party is a good time to take a few minutes to share some thoughts on the season. If your team plays in a competitive league, talk about the players' successes and the areas on which to improve for next season. The party is also the time to hand out award plaques or trophies to the "outstanding player," "best teammate" and "most sportsmanlike" player, and recognize a few parent volunteers who gave their time throughout the season.

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