Funny Baseball Award Ideas

Most Valueless Player

    In many cases, an award is presented to the player who contributed the most to the team and the award is typically named "Most Valuable Player." Presenting an award with the opposite name such as "Most Valueless Player" is a funny idea, especially if you present to the best player on the team. It's a way of giving the most deserving player the award but with a twist on words.

Least Improved Player

    Another award that is standard in many award ceremonies is the "Most Improved Player." Changing the award to "Least Improved Player" is a funny idea as long as the recipient has a good sense of humor. It's the type of award that would be given at a roast, where the jokes are usually mixed with a bit of insult. A good-natured team of baseball players will enjoy the joke.

Best Bench Warmer

    There are always players on the team that don't get to play as much as some of the others, but most players understand that is part of being on a team. The players who spend a lot of time on the bench will appreciate the "Best Bench Warmer" award. It's a funny way of recognizing his contribution as a team member. When presenting an "insult" award, always make sure in advance that the person will get the joke.

No Crying in Baseball

    The "No Crying in Baseball" award should be presented to the team member that gets angry or complains the most. Most teams usually have one player that tends to get more expressive about his feelings on the field, and it would be a funny award to present to that person. The title from this award comes from the the film "A League of Their Own," when actor Tom Hanks, as the coach of a female baseball team, tells one of the emotional players that, "There's no crying in baseball!"

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