Gas Powered Club Car Won't Start

    Lift the hood of the Club Car to find the battery. The battery has two terminal cables coming from it. The first terminal cable will be red and the other will be black.

    Make sure that the battery cables are connected properly. The red cord (positive) should be connected to the positive connection on the battery. This will be labeled with the "+" sign on the battery housing. The black cord (negative) should be connected to the negative terminal on the battery. This will be labeled with a "-" sign.

    Tighten the connections on the battery with a pair of pliers. Try to start the Club Car. If the Club Car will still will not start, use a battery tester to test the battery. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery tester to the positive and negative terminals on the battery.

    Look at the battery tester's reading. The battery tester should read 12V on the display. If the battery tester does not read 12V, replace the battery.

    Turn the ignition key in the Club Car's ignition. Check the gas gauge to make sure that the club car has enough fuel in the tank to start. Fill the fuel tank with 1 gallon of gasoline to get the Club Car to start.

    Change the air filter inside the Club Car. This is located next to the engine. Use your fingers to pull the air filter out of the housing. Replace the air filter with a new one and try to start the Club Car. Dirty air filters can block the oxygen intake on the engine.

Things Needed

  • Battery tester
  • Pliers
  • New battery
  • Gas
  • New air filter

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