How to host a fund raising pool tournament

    1. Look up and print the APA rules of play. Read and understand the rules of play.
    1. Find a place that will allow you the use of their place and pool tables as a donation. Use the establishment to hold your tournament and bring in new business, for them.
    1. Create, or look up a double elimination bracket on the internet. Add participant's names to the bracket as they sign up. All my tournaments have been single play (no teams), double elimination, APA rules apply. Which means one person can sign up, but they need to lose two times before they are eliminated.
    1. Collect the money as folks sign up and put it in a safe place. The establishment may have a safe on premises where you can lock up funds until the end of play. Our buy-in was $20 per person, but you can set your buy-in at anything you want it to be.
    1. You may want to have to have something to raffle off to make some extra money. Anything will do, people tend to buy raffle tickets regardless what you have to raffle. Crafted items go well, and some stores will donate gift cards or sale items for you to raffle off.
    1. You may want to have a coach or two on hand who knows the rules according to the APA. They can act as coach to help beginning players, but they can also resolve disputes.
    1. We split the total money brought in, by a 70 30 split - 70% to the team raising the funds, and 30% to the winner. In every tourney we've had, the winner took his buy-in back, then donated the rest of the money back to the team.


  • With our very first one, we raised almost $500! It's fun, and it's different!

Things Needed

  • A pool hall willing to donate a few tables
  • Flyers to hand out

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