How to Identify the Year of an EZ Go Golf Cart

    Locate the serial number and manufacturer's code on a label in your cart. Look inside the glove compartment. If your cart is built from 1994 on; there should be a label indicating the number and code. Carts builts from 1976 to 1993 will have a label under the driver's-side dashboard or under the glove compartment. Carts built in earlier years have the label affixed to the cart frame. It can be found under the driver's seat.

    Decipher the serial number or manufacturer's code. If the manufacturer's code shows a combination of a letter and three or four numbers, your cart was built from 1976 to the current date. The last two digits of the number indicate the year. For example, A1292 is a cart built in 1992, and 12C82 indicates a cart built in 1982. If the code has six digits or more and is not a two- or three-wheeled vehicle, it was manufactured from 1976 two 1978. The first two digits indicate the manufacture year. For example, 77112223 is a cart built in 1977. Before 1976, there is not a set coding for year of manufacture. Use a flashlight if you have a hard time reading the numbers.

    Supply a golf-cart retailer, or parts-supply outlet, with any number you cannot decipher. In hopes of future sales, they will be glad to help you determine the year of manufacture. Supply all numbers you can find.

Things Needed

  • Flashlight

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