Junior High Wrestling Banquet Ideas for Awards


    Everyone on the team worked hard, dedicated their time and energy and gave their all during the season. For this, each wrestler deserves a little keepsake of his own to take home as a way of commemorating the season. At each wrestler’s seat place a small framed photo of him and his coach or perhaps him in the middle of a victorious match or even a photo of the entire team together. Let each wrestler take home his own photo at the end of the night.


    If your wrestling team has the budget, hiring a caterer to cater the banquet is the best idea. The wrestlers will appreciate the effort made to treat them to good food. However, not all teams have that type of budget in which case you need to find an alternative way to cater the banquet. Try asking around to local restaurants to donate food to the banquet. It’s an added bonus if one of the wrestlers has a parent that owns a restaurant or sports bar. If all else fails, ask parents to form a committee to cater the banquet by each providing a dish. Designate specific dishes to each parent on the committee so you don’t end up with one container of potato salad and ten plates of chocolate chip cookies.


    The decorations at the banquet should represent team spirit and school colors. Cover each table with a table cloth in school colors. Since most schools have two primary colors you can alternate colors on the tables for added effect. For example, decorate odd number tables in red and even number tables in black. Decorate the center of the tables with trophies won by the wrestling team during the current season. This is not only a way to decorate the tables but to recognize the players’ hard work and the results of that hard work at the same time. Add to the team spirit by coordinating the colors of other items on the table such as using black napkins on red tables and red napkins on black tables.


    Provide awards for the wrestlers. This further recognizes the hard work and dedication of each of the wrestlers on the team. Trophies for the most valuable player, most pins, most improved and best wrestler should be provided to the designated winner of each category. You can have the coaches decide who gets each award or you can have the team vote privately for who they think most deserves to win each category.

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