Lacrosse Banquet Ideas

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A banquet at the end of lacrosse season is a great way for a coach to thank players for the hard work that they put in during the season. As a coach, it gives you a chance to acknowledge the team's accomplishments as well as the individual highlights. It's not important whether your team won a league championship or finished in last place. The effort was there, and you want to recognize your player's sacrifices.


Put together tables for each of the players, their families and their closest friends. Give each table the name of the player you want to recognize. It will let every player know they are special and appreciated. If a player is only bringing four or fewer guests, have him share the table with another player in a similar situation. Make sure both players' names are on centerpieces on the table.


The key to a good end-of-season speech at a banquet is to make sure you speak from the heart. You don't have to say a lot about each player but make sure you recognize every player for something he did during the season. Player A may have scored the winning goal in three different games, so it's easy to point out his accomplishment. Player B may have only played in three games all season, but if he came to practice and didn't complain, you will want to mention his attitude and selfless work in practice.

Team Accomplishments

Have banners printed and raised in the banquet hall that details your team's accomplishments. Again, it's easy if you had a winning record, played well in the post-season and brought home championship trophies. However, your team may have struggled because it went up against more athletic and accomplished teams. Point out how many times your team was in contention through the final minutes. Talk about your team's effort even though circumstances were difficult. Tell them how proud you were for the work they did on the field.

Individual Awards

Give out awards to the players who led your team in goals, assists, saves and shutouts. Give out a hustle award to the player who gave the best effort. Thank players who played in spite of injuries.