About Laws for Portable Basketball Hoops

Playing basketball outside in the community can be a lot of fun for children and adults. Many communities consider permanent basketball nets to be eyesores, but they do allow portable basketball hoops. Communities must regulate the use of these community basketball hoops to ensure community harmony. Not everyone is a supporter of these portable basketball nets, but the will of a few shouldn't necessarily be enough for a community to remove them entirely.


Laws regarding portable basketball hoops can divide communities. Families with children want to give their children somewhere they can play outside with their friends in a safe environment. Other community members raise concerns about the appearance of the community, safety of vehicles from being damaged, and risk of attracting unwanted individuals into the community. If a state or county does not have laws regulating portable basketball nets, it is up to the individual towns or communities to determine their local laws for them. Some cities, such as Beaumont, California, have declared portable basketball nets to be a public nuisance, according to the city's website.


Laws about portable basketball nets vary from location, to size, to the time that the game can be played. There are also laws that can be created by a city limiting the use of portable basketball nets; a nightly curfew for children under a certain age is an example of a law that accomplishes this. Community home associations are able to create bylaws or covenenants for the community restricting the location or use of portable basketball nets.


Laws restricting the use of portable basketball nets in a community can create ill will in a community that has a lot of children. To overcome this ill will, there are ways the community can adapt. Communities can make it against the community bylaws to put up a portable basketball net, and create a community park with a permandent basketball net on a pole to give the children somewhere else to play.


Laws and bylaws for portable basketball hoops should only be created after careful research. The community should determine the advantages and disadvantages of having portable basketball nets. To protect the safety of children, a law could be created that limits the times the portable basketball nets can be used to the time with the least traffic in the community. To protect homeowners' vehicles, the restrictions could state that the portable basketball nets can only be used if they are at least 100 feet from any parked vehicles.


Laws regarding portable basketball nets can limit their locations. Possible locations that portable basketball nets are allowed in include cul-de-sacs in a part of a community with limited traffic. Portable basketball nets might also be allowed in private driveways, as they do not risk damage to other vehicles and keep children out of the street.