Little League Baseball All Star Selection Rules

Team Selection

    One way to select the All-Star team is to have each team allotted a certain number of slots on the All-Star team roster. The coaching staff of each team must then select the players. He can use one of several different methods: select the players himself, or allow his assistant coaches or parents that attend the team's games to vote for the All-Stars from the team.


    Set minimum statistics for players to qualify for the All-Star team. The league should determine qualifications before the season begins. For example, players with a batting average over .400 makes the All-Star team. Another way to qualify for the team could be by hitting a certain amount of home runs or deliving RBI's. For pitchers, the qualifications can be set based on wins or strikeouts during the season.

Skills Competition

    Have a skills competition for all of the players in the league at the end of the season. This will allow all of the players and coaches to get to meet each other and see all the players in the league. Have competitions for who can get the most hits out of 10 pitches, who can catch the most fly balls, fastest player, and the player that can throw the ball the furthest. These are just a few suggestions for competitions, others can be included. Choose the top three to four players in each of the skills competitions If this doesn't give you enough players for two teams of nine to 12 players, choose the top five players from each skills competition.

Coaches' Votes

    Instead of having coaches vote for players on their own teams, ask the coaches to nominate players from other teams for the All-Star game. Give each coach a specific number of invitations and ask him to turn them in at the end of the season. The players with the most votes in the league are invited to play on the All-Star team. Twenty-two to 26 players should be selected so each team has a full roster of nine players as well as replacements in case players get tired or injured.

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