How to Make a Breakthrough Football Banner

Liverpool v Chelsea - Premier League

Breakthrough football banners provide a means for a team to make a dramatic entrance onto the field before a game. Banners are typically made of paper and are stretched across an entrance to the field. Banners will usually feature the school logo, mascot or wording which is applicable to the game and tear as the players charge through.

Determine a size for the banner. Consider the width of the banner as well as the logo, graphics or wording to be used. Remember that the banner should be of sufficient width to allow several players to pass through at the same time.

Select a paper which will allow for paint and markers to be used, will withstand the stress of being stretched several yards, but will also tear easily so as to not interfere with the players passing through.

Decorate the banner with words of support and encouragement, school logos, mascots and team colors. Make sure to get final approval from coaches or leaders prior to displaying the banner.

Attach support poles to both sides of the banner. Wood, PVC pipe, and heavy cardboard tubes are all excellent choices. Many teams, schools, and organizations choose PVC pipe as it is easy to obtain, lightweight, durable, and easily cleaned and maintained. Attach the banner to the poles by means of heavy masking tape.

Stretch the banner across an opening through which the team will pass. Often times, a gate or other entrance is a good location in which to position the banner. The banner should be held firmly on both sides to prevent the poles from being pulled inward as the paper tears.


When selecting paper for use on the banner, it is a good idea to purchase enough to perform a test run on the banner to ensure the paper tears easily.


If the paper fails to tear or the poles fall into the path of players as they run through, there is a possibility of injury.