How to Measure Rollerblade Wheel Size


If the wheels on your rollerblades (inline skates) appear worn or you can’t go as fast as you would like, it’s time for new wheels. There are numerous choices to pick from. You can purchase the exact type of replacement wheels as before or try something different to enhance the experience. Whatever rollerblade wheels option you select, you must select the right wheels based on ability level and skating style.

Select new wheels based on these five factors: body weight, skating style, speed comfort, ability and the skating surface. Peruse the owners’ manual or go directly to the manufacturer site to find the wheel range specifications that your particular skate can accommodate. Wheel varieties are available for aggressive, hockey, recreational, fitness and training and speed.

Use a tape measure or ruler to measure the outside of the wheel’s diameter. Dimensions are in millimeters rather than inches. Next, measure the space between the wheels at the closest point. The larger the wheel size, the faster the skate will be. Note that larger wheels are less stable. An advanced skating ability is highly recommended; best suited for racers.

Choose a wheel size from 70 – 80 millimeters if you skate for recreation and fitness. This standard and most popular wheel size provides good maneuverability and speed.

Look at various wheel resistances. Base your decision on the time of year and the surface that you normally skate on. Rollerblade wheels are usually made of polyurethane which allows for different thickness and wheel hardness. Its solidity is measured in durometers; the lower the number the softer the wheel. A softer wheel is more yielding on surfaces, best suited for winter and a smoother ride. Hard wheels are superior during summer months.

Familiarize yourself with the letter after wheel size when exploring selections. For example, 82A wheel goes well with outdoor hockey rollerblades. An aggressive rollerblade wheel might measure 56mm x 88A.


• Research and compare various brand names for best selection. • Review customer ratings to find a particular fit for your skating style.