How to Play Curling

Getting Ready

    Visit an indoor or outdoor ice rink that has curling. Wear warm clothes for both, but tennis shoes are fine for indoor curling.

    Split up into two teams of 4.

    Decide the order on each team of curlers. The first to throw is called the "lead," the second to throw is the "second," the third is the "vice" and the last to throw is called the "skip."

    Shake hands between both teams and wish one another good luck. Etiquette is a focus in curling.

Playing the Game

    Alternate turns between the 2 teams until each player has curled 2 stones. While one player throws, two players use brushes to change the stones glide path by polishing the ice and removing debris in front of the shot.

    Start with the "lead" throwing first. The skip calls out where to throw and how hard, while the second and vice are brushing for the throws.

    Rotate players after the lead players of both teams have thrown their stones. Now the second throws while the lead and vice sweep and the skip still calls out the directions.

    Allow the vices to curl next while the leads and seconds sweep.

    Finish with the skip throwing, the vice watching, while the lead and second sweep.

    Determine which team has a stone closer after all 8 stones are thrown. Whichever team is closer gets a point for this "end."

    Complete 8 ends and the team with the most points wins. In the event of a tie, play one more end to determine a winner. When the game is complete, thank your opponents by shaking hands and saying "good curling."


  • Curling stones have two sides one is rougher than the other. Use the rougher side on fast ice and the smoother side on slower ice. The handle is detachable and allows you to switch between sides easily depending on conditions.
  • The person calling out and not sweeping should be telling the sweepers how to sweep to direct the shot where it will score or remove a scoring opponent's stone.


  • Do not get hit by a curling stone because they can topple you or even break bones if you are smashed by a fast moving stone.

Things Needed

  • Warm clothes
  • Clean tennis shoes
  • Curling stones
  • Curling brushes
  • Score sheet

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